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New Era Software Logics

We believes in Agility and Transparency. Lets begin your dream journey with Us!




At NESL-IT, we sit with our clients to understand their needs and communicate with them to get a clear picture of what they want. Our team develops a customized strategy for solving a problem. We perform the best practices and possible solutions to develop the final version of our products. We believe in customer feedback, so we improve our product until it fully satisfies the customers' needs.

What we stand for?


We are grinding ourselves constantly to offer the best services to our clients. Our highly skilled staff increases efficiency, quality, agility, productivity, and timely delivery with cost-effective work. We stand firmly on our principles and strive hard to maximize the value in stakeholders' lives.


We have a dream to become the top-rated IT service provider around the globe. We believe that modern technology helps every business achieve its goals and help them to live in a better world.


The Company's goals are achieved only by the work of the best employees. Our team goes all out to achieve the targets and has no fear of facing new challenges.

Top Management

Mr. Malik Zulqurnain

Founder & CEO


None of us is as smart as all; we believe in teamwork. We are always open to new ideas and thoughts of our employees and understand their goals to encourage them to achieve them. At NESL-IT, we want our employees to grow exponentially, so we focus on building such a workplace environment. The uniqueness of our team is that they are always open to accepting new challenges. Our advanced technology has helped us serve our clients, including startups and enterprises, and in the future, we aim to serve large-scale industries.

Mr. Rohullah Ramish

CO-Founder & COO

Our Expertise

Creative Design

We will provide you with effective marketing material to help you pitch your target market. We have a simple strategy of understanding the needs of our clients. We offer the plan of action, sales promotions, advertising, and marketing of the products.

Business Consultancy

We are detail-oriented, so it helps us to understand the goal of your business. Our road map is divided into a timeline to help you attain your goals.

Web Design

We have professionals who help you with designs of web pages that will increase your conversion opportunities. We are firm believers in creativity, so our team is best at giving life to abstractions.

Professional Teams

Our team members are talented and specialized, which helps us to achieve our goals in the simplest ways.

Web Development

Our web designs will aid you in the growth of your business, credibility, and worth. We offer customized websites that are attractive to the target audience and generate leads.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile app development team caters to the ideas of our customers. These products have always satisfied our clients. Our team is expert architects who help create the mobile app without any hindrance.

Game Development

We specialize in creating captivating games tailored to your unique needs. Our expert team ensures seamless gameplay and delivers exceptional gaming experiences. Let's bring your game ideas to life together!

Design business is our passion

Legerity and Transparency is our belief. We fully satisfy our customers as we turn their ideas into digital reality. The latest technology in our projects helps us achieve the target goals.

Design Business

Projects worked on for various clients

Design Business

And more satisfied clients worldwide

Design Business

Years of design work experience

What people say about us

  • SAAS Application
  • Web app & Mobile app Development
  • IOS application Development
  • DevOps
  • Web Designing
  • Media Design Services
  • Game Design & Development
  • Node/Express
  • Mongodb
  • React-Naive
  • Cloud
  • AWS Services
  • Firebase
  • GCP
  • CI/CD
  • WebRTC
  • DynamoDB
  • Unity
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